Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wednesday Weigh In

This one is for Dana since she's the only one to speak up last week. :)

I'll get right to the point:

Down 11.4 since my birthday!!!

Yes, you are correct. That is the exact same as last week. After my recent successes, it's hard to be happy about maintaining, but it's not a gain, right?

The 30 day challenge at the gym ends tomorrow, I got my final weigh in done this morning. Just over 5lbs in 30 days, not bad. I think I got burnt out this past week. It's HARD being strict during the holidays. I've thought about not doing the 60 day challenge that starts soon, but my only reason for not doing it is because I want to pig out and go nuts for the next 3 weeks. But that's the whole point of starting the challenge right before Christmas and New Year's, right?

Do you buckle down the diet during the holidays or do you take time off to just enjoy the season?


  1. I vote for little splurges. Christmas cookies are only around once a year! Maybe one total cheat day or one cheat treat?

  2. YAY for me! And Christmas only comes once a year!