Friday, December 13, 2013

Five on Friday

I'm going to join up to the Five on Friday link up. I want to put my own spin on it and do a theme each week instead of just 5 random things I'm loving right now.

This week is 5 Blogs I'm loving Right Now. These are my set aside time to really sit down and read their posts instead of just scrolling through and skimming. Now in no particular order.....


Reneé at Sassy Wife. We were IRL friends first and now that she's living halfway around the world, as soon as I see a post from her, I take the time to read it and find out what she and her husband are up to. They are going on amazing adventures over in The Philippians, but I miss her like whoa. Can't wait to see her so soon when they come back for Christmas!!!!

Liz is a blogger up in Canada who has traveled the world then returned home to Toronto. I found her blog a couple of years ago and literally went to the beginning and read everything. She is so open and honest, one of those bloggers that I feel like I know. I've emailed her when I'm in a situation I think she'd appreciate and can relate to, tweeted her, and she always responds. Go check her out. Love her. 


Nicole over at A Life Less Bullshit has been through some things in her time. I love her BRUTAL honesty and her take no prisoners attitude towards life. Her posts require me to turn everything off and focus on what she's saying because it's going to hit close to home. She is all about challenging yourself to reach your dreams. Her last post challenged everyone to instead of making New Year's Resolutions like "lose weight, make more money..." , declare you big scary "I can't even imagine actually accomplishing that" goals. I loved reading everyone's responses and being in AWE of what everyone wants to do. It made me think about what my BIG goals really are. Another post from the spingtime challenged me to stop making goals or dreams and JUST DO IT. She basically said "If you want to be that girl that never misses a work out, GO TO THE GYM. If you want to be that person that really has her life together, GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER". I think about that all the time. Stop dreaming, start doing. Go check her out if you're in a rut and really need to get your butt kicked into high gear.


Cely is down in Texas just cracking me up. This girl is FUNNY. She finds the best stuff on the internet. Every Friday morning I look forward to her Friday morning posts. I literally laugh out loud every week at the ridiculous things she finds and shares each week. If you need a good laugh, click over right now and add her to your blog roll. Don't forget to read the comments, there are some funny people that chime in over there. You're Welcome.


I just stumbled onto Kate's blog a couple weeks ago. She is known as The Pinterest Hair Girl. I'm pretty clueless when it comes to make up and skin care, I'm good with the basics, but not much beyond that. Unfortunately, as cliché as it is, once I hit 30 I started noticing that my skin was not as perfect as it had been at 25. I had not been in a routine of wearing make up regularly, but I started feel pretty gross with my skin being so out of whack. I had been getting a Birchbox for about a year, but didn't really know what to do with everything I had been sampling. Kate has a million tutorials about make up, skin care, and hair and just posted a series of her Favorite Things. I literally took notes on her favorite products and am hoping for some Nordstrom's or Sephora gift cards this year in my stocking so I can get a few things.
What are your favorite must reads in your blog roll? Share below and we can all get some new and fresh reading material!!!

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  1. So sweet! Thanks for sharing these!!
    Happy, merry weekend! xx