Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Wednesday Weigh In

It's been a couple weeks, but don't worry, I haven't forgotten. And it hasn't been bad news. Just wasn't sure how into weekly updates everyone is.

So this 30 day challenge at the gym has turned out to be super motivating. Knowing someone else is going to actually see that number on the scale is enough to scare me into eating pretty well. Every Wednesday morning I hop on that scale after class. Having someone else watching the numbers spin and finally settle on the final total is Biggest Loser style drama.

I've always been very private about my weight, it was a HUGE day in our marriage when I confessed to hubs how much I weighed. My biggest reservation about even signing up for this challenge was that someone I liked and respected would be seeing that number every week. Who knew that person looking over my shoulder was the one last piece of motivation I needed.

Down 11.4 LBS since my birthday!!!!!

I'm 38% of the way to my goal and still have 9 months to go!

I'm down 23.6 lbs since Jan 1 of this year. I am so close to 25 I can taste it. Right now is the lowest I've been in probably 3 years and I'm so stoked to just keep going.

The gym is starting a 60 day challenge once this one finishes up, you bet I'll be signing up for that one as well. Better keep this momentum going!

How are you powering through the holidays? 

Do you like the weekly check ins or maybe every other week or monthly?????

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  1. Weekly!!! I love reading anything you post =)