Friday, December 27, 2013

Five on Friday

This week I'm going to share my top Five "EFF YEAH" list from 2013. Nicole over at A Life Less Bullshit posted last week her 4-Step Life Purge in preparation for the new year and goal setting. In thinking about 2013, these are some highlights from the year that I can look back a remember that 2013 was a pretty awesome year.

1. I PRed my 10 Miler. I trained for this race for 12 weeks and hit almost every single workout on my plan. On race day I just trusted my training and charged right through the race. I stuck to my intervals and hit my goal of beating my time from the Broad Street run in 2012. I can't wait to do another 10 Mile race this spring and get yet another PR.

2. I finished my first triathlon. I didn't train nearly enough for this race, I had no idea what I was getting into. I can't wait to tackle this again next year and blow my time out of the water. I will be able to train smarter and be more prepared for race day. I will probably try to schedule a couple triathlons this fall and once I get a couple more sprint tris under my belt I might think about longer distances... Yup, I'm totally hooked.

3. I lost 25 pounds!!!! I lost several pounds in January, but then promptly gained them all back. In March I was UP 3 from January 1st and that's when I really buckled down and found enough classes to fill my schedule and get me even more active. The past couple of months I started tracking my food again and kept up with my gym schedule and hit the 25lb milestone. The past couple of years have been frustrating since I felt like I was constantly dieting, but not making any progress. It feels so good to finally feel like I have some control over the situation and have a good road map to keep up the momentum.

4. I'm totally addicted to the gym. Class instructors and the front desk folks know me by name. It really is such a great little family. I never thought I'd be that girl that grabs a spot up front in class and stays after class to chat with the other regulars. The gym is no longer a chore, but a highlight of my day. The strongest testament to this is the fact that I wake up at 4:45 on Fridays to make it to spin class before work. 

5. Hubs and I traveled across the pond for an NFL game at Wembley and some British shenanigans. Maybe one of these days I'll blog about it. It was Hubs' first time in Europe and we had an absolute blast. He's got the travel bug now and can't wait to plan other trips to new countries.

What are some of your "EFF YEAH" moments from the past year? 

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