Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Kitchen Confessions

My great friend ReneƩ over at Sassy Wife, Classy Life is hosting a weekly series of Kitchen Confessions. This week it is my turn to spill my guts about my first time hosting a holiday meal for the In Laws.

Head on over to read my Confession and leave your own Kitchen Confessions in the comments.

When you're done with that, scroll through her recent posts, she has some incredible adventures living in the Philippines for a year. They get to take some AMAZING weekend trips! I'm so jealous!

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

My New Favorite Spot

After 18 months in the house, rooms are starting to come together one by one.

I've slowly been working on getting our master bedroom to the point of complete. We had found a good deal on Angie's List for painting and had that done in late July. The color is one shade darker than our kitchen (Benjamin Moore's Hale Navy). I was nervous about going so dark, but figured if it turned out terrible, you can always repaint. I found the picture at World Market and didn't even notice how perfectly it matched the pillow at the foot of the bed until it was up on the wall.

Two weekends ago I made huge strides in getting closer to complete. I had purchased the curtains from JCP in August and tried to hang them right away. When my first bracket was looking to be screwed into a metal stud, I thought it was above my skill set and requested hubs to bring in back up in the form of one of his buddies who are pretty handy.

Two months later, the curtain rods still sat on the floor, the brackets and hardware littered my dresser and the curtain panels remained in their packages at the foot of the bed. The ladder and tools were sitting in my craft room and in the way. I was ready to reclaim my space, so last Sunday I decided those curtains were going up with or without any outside assistance.

I pulled out the power drill, ladder, and tool bucket and got to work. I got all seven brackets up without too much trouble, got the curtain rod up and then started working on ironing all of the panels. The curtains I bought had the tabbed tops, but I prefer the look of drapery hooks. I ironed each of the tabs back and you can't even tell they are there.

Now that curtains are up I just have a couple pictures to hang up and I'm calling the room DONE.

(with paint swatches on the wall)


I can't decide if I should hang the dachshund pictures up over the night stands again. Should I put those back up or find another spot for them? 

What projects have you been working on around the house?

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wednesday Weigh In

I missed last week. I definitely weighed myself and most certainly thought about a blog post, but it would have been a bad one, and I talked myself out of it. BAD KIM. Not so good at the accountable.

Since last week would have been a bad report and I didn't want to fall off the weekly check ins entirely, I vowed to make this week's report a good one.


Official Weigh In:
Down 6lbs since my birthday! 

Woot Woot! 20% of the way there. (also only 2lbs away from being down 20lbs since January 1!! Another milestone I'd like to hit)

The 6 doesn't seem so significant, and the 24 left seems like SO MANY POUNDS, but the 20% is encouraging. I just need to do what I've done four more times. That in itself is not so bad.

The biggest change I made this week was curbing my boozing on the weekend. Who would have thought choosing water over wine would make such a big difference? Looks like I'll have to stick to that plan long term.

My gym started a 30 day challenge today. My favorite Cycle instructor has been encouraging me to sign up and I was looking for every excuse not to. So in class this morning when she asked me in front of everyone "Kim, did you sign up yet?" I responded with a weak "I don't have a partner!" thinking that would get me out of it. After class I was approached by a girl who wanted to sign up and needed a partner. DOH. So now I'm in. The first weigh in was right after class (no time like the present), so here we go.....

This should be great motivation to make it through Thanksgiving.

What are you doing to stay motivated from eating ALL OF THE POTATOES at Thanksgiving?