Tuesday, March 4, 2014

30 While 30 - Check In

Whooooooooa we're halfway there, WHOOOOOOOOA livin' on a prayer!

6 months until I turn 31, time to check in on how my list is going.....

Healthier Me:
 1. PR a 5k  38:03 12/31/13
 2. PR a 10k - Don't have one scheduled yet
 3. PR a 10 Miler - Broad Street (May 4)
 4. Run 1/2 Marathon - Rock & Roll DC (March 15)
 5. Complete a Triathlon Tri for Love, September 15
 6. Complete a mud run - Not scheduled yet. Hoping for a fun one to come up this summer.
 7. Try every class on the schedule at my gym (15?/62)
 8. Ride entire W&OD Trail from Purcellville to Shirlington - Hoping to do this one sometime this summer.
 9. Try CrossFit - Keeping my eye out for a Groupon
10. Lose 30lbs (11/30)
11. 30 consecutive days off from drinking - I had planned to do this in January and fell off the wagon 12 days in, I don't know that this will happen now that we're heading into spring/summer. Can't imagine 30 days of no patio drinking.....
12. 30 days of Paleo - Not important to me anymore, more likely to try 30 consecutive days of food tracking.

Financial Me:

13. Pay off one car - Nope
14. No credit card debt - Nope
15. Follow all cash plan for one month - Not yet
16. Make $300 outside of my day job - I need a plan for this....
17. Have 3 month emergency fund - Not even close, and it's becoming more clear how important an emergency fund is since we don't current have tenants in our rental condo.
18. Build a wardrobe of 30 essential pieces - I'm starting to get some pieces that I know I can wear over and over again and mix up. My current favorites are black skinnies and distressed boyfriend jeans. My chambray shirt is another favorite I can wear at LEAST once a week, and so many different ways to style it! I think once I get closer to my goal weight I'll pick up some more classic pieces.
19. Donate 30 items of clothing - I have a big bag of clothes to go to GoodWill, not quite 30, still working on paring down the closet. I will probably have several more items once I start pulling out summer stuff.


20. Travel to a new country - London, England
21. Take a spur of the moment out of town trip - Have some ideas, but that kind of defeats the purpose of spur of the moment, yes?
22. Attend an outdoor concert
23. Volunteer for 30 hours
24. Have professional pics taken
25. Read 30 books (8 books read)

Around the house:

26. Try 30 new recipes - I've tried probably about 10 recipes so far, many more on Pinterest to try though!
27. Get all recipes and magazine tear sheets pinned - I've gotten through a couple big stacks of recipes, still have a lot more to go through.
28. Paint powder room - Thinking of completing this soon actually.
29. Hang pictures in living room and fill empty frames around the house - Two more empties hanging on the wall, 10 more planned to go up in the living room.
30. Minimum of 30 blog posts (21/30)

So only 3 items completely crossed off, but a couple races coming up in the spring and several in progress. I think I will be crossing off many more come spring/summertime.

What have you been working on this year????

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  1. Look at all your progress, Kim! That's awesome! I'm a bit list obsessed, so I'm honestly surprised I haven't made one of these for myself yet! What great goals and GO YOU for crossing so many off! Thank you for linking up with us today for Tuesday Tea! xo

  2. HI Kim! So happy you linked up with us fabulous friend! I was honestly JUST thinking of a potential blog post this summer of 30 before 30! You're doing great on the list. Let's have some wine and try some recipes to cross one more off! :)