Friday, March 14, 2014

Five on Friday - What's been happening

Happy Friday everyone!!!!  This is the winter that never ends....I can't wait for the spring and to get outside and do some new things. We've had a busy week over here, some of the highlights for this Five on Friday.

5. Last Sunday hubs and I took a little road trip to help transport a rescue dog from Alabama to Connecticut. We had a 90 mile drive from Front Royal, VA to Hagerstown, MD. If this pup wasn't heading to a forever home in CT, I would have driven him straight to my house. He was so sweet and such an adorable little guy. He slept in my lap the entire trip and I might have cried a little bit when we had to pass him off to the next person.

4. Wilbur had his first dental cleaning on Monday. His breath was BAD and his teeth were pretty gross. We were probably a year past due for getting it done and he had to have three teeth extracted. While he was under he had a skin tag removed and now has a couple stitches on his leg. While I feel bad for the little guy going through so much, a dog in a cone is so stinkin adorable. I've nicknamed him Flower for the next week until he gets his stitches out.

3. Thanks to Hubs getting a company vehicle, we found ourselves with 3 cars and only two drivers. Having car payments on two cars that we wouldn't even be driving seemed silly, so we traded two in to upgrade from a coupe and sedan to an SUV. Tuesday we both had off of work and spent all afternoon on car stuff. Picked up his new car, took our two cars to CarMax to be appraised (walked out with written offers for our cars), went to the Honda dealership that we knew had the color/model we wanted, had them match our CarMax quotes for our trade ins (Honda had come in $500 lower on each), and walked out with a new car a couple hours later. Some of my favorite features are: I now sit high enough to see over the hill by our house to be able to tell if I closed the garage door, the cup holders are big enough for my Nalgene, and calling hubs on the Bluetooth. Now we have so much more room for tailgating stuff (and friends!) for this coming Penn State football season.

2.. We just booked a beach house down at the Outer Banks in a couple of weeks. I can't wait to hit the road and take the pups for a week away from it all.

1. My 1/2 Marathon is tomorrow!!!!! The longest run I got in while training was 9 miles and that run was AMAZING. I felt like I was flying and could have gone all day. A week later I went out to do 10 miles and was so miserable I quit after 6 1/2 miles. I'm hoping tomorrow is more like two weeks ago. I'm spending today with my feet up and drinking plenty of water.

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