Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wednesday Weigh In

I lost again this week! Just 0.2, but hey, it's something.

Total: down 3.2lbs since my birthday.

44 weeks to lose 26.8lbs. Totally doable.

In thinking back to why it wasn't a more substantial loss, I skipped one day at the gym, not too awful since I had been 6 times already that week. The reason I skipped though, hungover, too much wine. So that means too many empty calories.

Also thinking back to my diet this past week, I went three whole days where I did not eat a single fruit or vegetable. THREE DAYS WITH NO VEGGIES. That is awful. This is why I start most days with my green monster smoothie, so at least I'm getting that in and will most likely continue the good habits throughout the day.

So game plan for this week: Choose water over wine. Eat my veggies!!!!

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