Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Because who doesn't love FREE MONEY????

I know I shared this a while ago, but I wanted to throw it out there again since I just got $72.82 in FREE MONEY from Ebates.

You get paid for shopping online! It can't get any easier than that.

How it works:
You sign up for an Ebates account then before you make any online purchases, go to Ebates.com find your store name and just navigate to the website through there.

Ebates creates a tracking ticket and after you make your purchase, you get a percentage back.

You get paid every couple of months, so if you start using it now, you can really rack up some cash with all of your holiday purchases.

The biggest percentage of my last check came from buying curtains from JcPenny. I could have bought them in the store, but my purchase qualified for free delivery AND I got 8% cash back. Who doesn't like that?

Other ways I've used Ebates to my advantage, I've purchased things from Best Buy or Home Depot online and just selected "Pick up in store". Go into customer service and BAM, get your purchase that day AND the cash back!

Also, all of the GAP brands are on Ebates. I've found that sometimes one brand will have more cash back than others, so I pick that brand's page to start from, then use the links at the top of the Brand's page to navigate to the other brand I want to shop from and just make my purchase. Example: Athleta was having double cash back, but I wanted to buy some things from Old Navy. I went to Ebates, selected Athleta, then just navigated to Old Navy to make my purchase. My order said "Athleta", but all of the items were from other GAP brands and I got the double cash back.

Also, you get $5 just for making your first purchase. Again, FREE MONEY.

Full disclosure: I also get $5 after you make your first purchase for referring you to the site.

Use my referral link to start your account and start getting free cash back!!!

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