Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wednesday Weigh In

I've read in about a billion places recently that tweeting about your weight loss on a regular basis helps you to lose more weight and keeps you motivated. Instead of inundating my twitter and instagram with pictures of my meals and checking in every time I hit the gym, I'll just post here weekly to stay accountable.

Confession: When I made my goal to lose 30lbs while 30, I planned on doing Wednesday Weigh Ins from the beginning. I just couldn't bear to post until now since I hadn't lost anything. WHOOPS. So, on that note, if I miss a week (or three), it's not because I forgot, it's because I wasn't happy with the weigh in. So bug me. Keep me accountable. It might get painful in the next couple months coming up on the binge eating/drinking time of year, aka the holiday season, but time to buckle down, not give up.

So enough skirting around the issue.

The Official Weigh In

I'm down 3lbs since my birthday.

That's 10% of my goal!! Woohoo!!! I won't lament that we're 12% into the year, so if I'm going by percentages, I'm behind. Let's instead focus on I have just over 45 weeks left and 27lbs to go. Totally do able, right? RIGHT?

Last year I worked my butt off the first half of the year and then pretty much gave up during the summer and wrote the fall off as "football season and holidays" and ended up 3lbs HIGHER on January 1, 2013 than I had been the year before. Now is the time to buckle down and power through to keep LOSING throughout football season and holidays.

I've made it through my birthday month, a vacation across the pond, a wedding and the first half of football season down 3lbs. I'm pretty excited about that and with nothing else big coming up on the calendar, I think I can get this number dropping a bit quicker.

Anyone else finding motivation to keep going before the holidays or have you already written off the last few months of the year?

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  1. My motivation: well it's still really hot here - so no real hiding any pumpkin pie belly under flowy tops! It gets tougher around the holidays because there's so many good eats and you're spending more time lounging around with family. I always liked the few years we did a 5k on Thanksgiving morning together!