Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!!!

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and great New Year!!!

We kept it low key this year with a dinner out then home to the couch to watch some Dexter and watch the ball drop.

Last year I made three simple resolutions, lose weight, save money, buy a house.

I ended the year at about 2 lbs up, so that one didn't happen. We managed to save enough cash to put a down payment on our new house!!! So 2 out of 3, not too shabby.

This year, hubs and I made a list of more concrete goals to work towards.

1. Eat out fewer than 20% of our meals. This is an effort to save some cash along with eating a little bit better. We came up with 220 meals, this counts lunches purchased and happy hours that turn to dinners. Since we plan to take a couple vacations, that will be 25-30 meals off the list right away.

2. Lose a combined 80 lbs. This makes it a team effort and will keep us accountable to each other.

3. Complete one house project each month. We have a couple of closets to redo, a few rooms to paint, and window treatments for several rooms to pick out and hang.

4. No credit card debt. We finished this year at zero dollar balances, which I was astounded by after all the home shopping we did. The goal this year is to maintain living within our means and keep those balances at $0.00.

5. Go to London. Hubs has never been to Europe and why not start where we know the language? Flights aren't too obscene that there happens to be an event occurring in September that hubs would like to catch at Wembley Stadium.

6. Buy Penn State Season tickets. We've started the ball rolling for season tickets, now to save the cash and get them in my hot little hands! We may not be able to make it to all the games, but tickets are easy enough to sell to fellow alumni in the area.

7. Golf. I would like to take lessons and learn a thing or two about swinging a club this spring. It'd be fun to be able to make a passable attempt at golf and maybe go out a couple times this summer or on vacation.

8. Get professional pictures taken. Once we've lost the lbs and are svelte, might as well get dressed up and get some good pictures. I absolutely adore our engagement and wedding pictures. I'd like some more recent ones of us to replace the older ones.

9. Volunteer. We both would love to volunteer for an animal shelter or rescue groups. I'm really looking forward to finding an opportunity to help out some needy pups.

10. And finally, it'd be nice to get rid of one monthly bill, so we're going to try and pay off one of the cars this year. We still have 2 years left on the first loan, so an early payoff would save a lot in interest. This would also allow us to parlay that extra cash into paying off the other car and then rebuilding our emergency fund.

Some of my personal goals this year are:

1. booze free for January and February. Last year I went booze free for January and felt great the entire month. I'll stretch it to two months this year to reap even more benefits!!!

2. Run 500 miles. I'd like to complete a couple 10 Mile races this year along with a half marathon maybe? Training for these should knock out the miles with no problems.

3. Track my food for 200 days with Lose It. When I track my food, I lose weight. Easy peasy. 200 days will ensure I don't wander off track for weeks/months at a time. I'm one day in so far. 199 to go.

4. At least 100 blog posts. Along with the tracking, 100 posts gets me posting about twice a week. Not overly ambitions, but much better than my past history.

5. Organize all of my magazine tear sheets and try at least one new recipe a month.

I'm looking forward to keeping up with everyone else who has ambitious goals for 2013, cheering each other on! What will you be working on this year? Are your resolutions all yours or are they joint with spouses or friends?


  1. I know some bloggers aren't into goal-setting, but i love it. i like to keep track of what i hope to accomplish. i find that when i don't write down my goals, it's too easy to just lose sight of the goal and wind up looking at the past year and being like "well, what the heck did i accomplish?!"
    good luck to you!

  2. Great ideas! I have a little folder in my inbox for recipes to try as well. I organize them in a three ring binder by sticking them into clear plastic sleeves by type of food. Because they are all foods that appealed to you (and why you tore them from the magazines) it's easy to find quick kitchen inspiration in them! :)