Thursday, June 21, 2012

First House Post

So I've been such a bad blogger about getting updated about the house, life, vacations, everything. I'm always thinking "Oooh, that would make such a good post!" and then get home, and never do anything with it.

So first post about the house. This one is about the outside. Again, since I'm a bad blogger, I don't have pics from when the house was empty, all I have is from the listing. Moving day was so hectic, taking pictures of the empty house was all but forgotten.

So our house has this great big deck that we focused on first.

This was the shot from the listing. Good views, plenty of space, we're 2nd in from the end of the row of townhouses, so not too busy.

After picking up everything over the past couple weeks, here's what we've come up with so far:

I just got these chairs put together today. I'm dying to sit outside with a cold glass of wine in the evenings. Too bad it's a thousand degrees out this week. We'll just be looking at the chairs from the air conditioning. 

Hubs has been perfecting his grilling skills, we cook on the grill about 1/2 of the meals we eat at home now. We've done steaks, chicken, kabobs, burgers, dogs. A little bit of everything. We absolutely love it. While he's outside grilling, I'm inside making the rest of the meal and we meet at the table with both of our contributions. 

And finally an Instagram shot, seems like a blog post can't be complete without one these days. I finally broke down and downloaded the app on my phone.

Can't wait for it to cool off a bit so we can enjoy our first finished room!!!

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