Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Ok, I promise I'll get some updates on the house for you. Guess what? Moving into a new place is hectic!!! I feel like I've been go go go since we moved. We closed 4 weeks ago and have just been crazy trying to get things unpacked, purchased, and put in place. Things are coming together slowly but surely.

Quick story for today though.

Yesterday I got stuck in an elevator for 40 minutes. I was at work and was going back to my desk from the lobby. I'm on the fifth floor. I watched the numbers ticking up and after "4" flashed the whole elevator just stopped. The power was still on, so I wasn't too panicked. I just tried to push the buttons for my floor and lobby again, but nothing. After three or four minutes I tried the alarm button. All that did was buzz an annoying bell. I had my cell phone with me (thank goodness) and called my coworker. She called down to security and got my rescue mission started!

Everyone came to the elevator, worried that I was freaking out. Security called the engineer and he came and had to call back up. I could hear everyone talking and was getting text messages on my phone. The worst part about the entire incident is that I had been listening to Pandora all day on my phone, so my battery was running low. I could only play about a dozen games of Bejeweled Blitz before I was under 10% of my battery and decided to save it.

I was on Twitter and said I was stuck, then said "Still stuck". No responses from anyone on Twitter. So rude.

About 35 minutes into it the engineer yelled up to me "I have to go upstairs to see what the issue is from above" I just responded "Ok, take the stairs".

Finally all the power blinked, and I started moving. They got me out about 40 minutes after I went in. All of my coworkers and my manager were WAY more upset about the incident than I was. It was mostly just funny to me.

As a result, I'll probably be taking the stairs for a while. Combined with now living in a three story house and the four flights up to my desk each day, my legs and bum should be looking REAL good by the end of the summer.

Have you had any accidental adventures recently?

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