Friday, July 20, 2012

House Guests

We have our first house guests coming this weekend. We had kind of slacked off unpacking and getting things together after the first couple weeks wore us out. This week it has been kicking it into high gear to finish up the guest room and fix up some things around the house.

We painted the guest room a couple weeks ago and bought a lamp for the corner. The room is tiny, so the queen bed takes up basically all the space. We had room for a lamp in the corner and maybe a small table or chair against another wall. We've been searching high and low on our weekly Home Goods trips looking for something that will fit in the corner for phone chargers, an alarm clock, and maybe a book or two.

We finally found what we were looking for at World Market last night, just in the nick of time! We bought a small table that would be perfect and not take up too much space. We also finally found a frame for a print I had bought on Etsy.



In the basket I put washcloths and some hotel toiletries that I've snagged over the years. I have a whole bucket of them just waiting for guests to come visit us!!!


I also included a book on the table of 1,001 places to visit. The bonus entry being "Kim and Tony's House"

We also made a small update in the bathroom. The towel bar in there had almost immediately fallen down once we moved in. We could tell another one had fallen down recently because there were holes about 6 inches higher on the wall filled in but not painted. I wanted to try something different from just a towel bar, so we found these wall hooks at World Market. They are bigger than you would usually find in a bathroom, but I liked them, so onto the wall they went.

We will paint this bathroom eventually, but we needed somewhere for guests to hang towels this weekend. What do you think???

I love prepping for guests because our place always get so spotlessly clean. It's such good motivation to clean and finish up projects.

Does having guests over help motivate you to get last minute house projects done?


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