Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wednesday Weigh In

I missed last week. I definitely weighed myself and most certainly thought about a blog post, but it would have been a bad one, and I talked myself out of it. BAD KIM. Not so good at the accountable.

Since last week would have been a bad report and I didn't want to fall off the weekly check ins entirely, I vowed to make this week's report a good one.


Official Weigh In:
Down 6lbs since my birthday! 

Woot Woot! 20% of the way there. (also only 2lbs away from being down 20lbs since January 1!! Another milestone I'd like to hit)

The 6 doesn't seem so significant, and the 24 left seems like SO MANY POUNDS, but the 20% is encouraging. I just need to do what I've done four more times. That in itself is not so bad.

The biggest change I made this week was curbing my boozing on the weekend. Who would have thought choosing water over wine would make such a big difference? Looks like I'll have to stick to that plan long term.

My gym started a 30 day challenge today. My favorite Cycle instructor has been encouraging me to sign up and I was looking for every excuse not to. So in class this morning when she asked me in front of everyone "Kim, did you sign up yet?" I responded with a weak "I don't have a partner!" thinking that would get me out of it. After class I was approached by a girl who wanted to sign up and needed a partner. DOH. So now I'm in. The first weigh in was right after class (no time like the present), so here we go.....

This should be great motivation to make it through Thanksgiving.

What are you doing to stay motivated from eating ALL OF THE POTATOES at Thanksgiving?

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