Wednesday, September 4, 2013

30 while 30

To be the cliché blogger that I am, I created a list of 30 things I want to do while I’m 30. The majority of my goals are fitness related. I started working out more regularly in January and now have a schedule of 6-7 classes a week that I take at the gym. Weight wise, I’m still at the heavier end of the spectrum I’ve ever been, but fitness wise, I’m in best shape that I’ve ever been in. Once I get my diet to match my workouts and the weight will hopefully reflect my fitness. I’ll sub out some of the classes I’ve been taking to start running again and get in some races this year.

Healthier Me:

 1. PR a 5k (Probably a Reston Town Center Race)
 2. PR a 10k
 3. PR a 10 Miler (Broad Street?)
 4. Run 1/2 Marathon (Rock & Roll DC?)
 5. Complete a Triathlon (Tri for Love, September 15)
 6. Complete a mud run
 7. Try every class on the schedule at my gym
 8. Ride entire W&OD Trail from Purcellville to Shirlington
 9. Try CrossFit
10. Lose 30lbs
11. 30 consecutive days off from drinking
12. 30 days of Paleo

Financial Me:

13. Pay off one car
14. No credit card debt
15. Follow all cash plan for one month
16. Make $300 outside of my day job
17. Have 3 month emergency fund
18. Build a wardrobe of 30 essential pieces
19. Donate 30 items of clothing


20. Travel to a new country
21. Take a spur of the moment out of town trip
22. Attend an outdoor concert
23. Volunteer for 30 hours
24. Have professional pics taken
25. Read 30 books

Around the house:

26. Try 30 new recipes
27. Get all recipes and magazine tear sheets pinned
28. Paint powder room
29. Hang pictures in living room and fill empty frames around the house
30. Minimum of 30 blog posts.

Do you make annual goals on your birthday or do you stick to New Year’s Resolutions?


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