Monday, March 4, 2013

Best 1/2 Birthday Ever

So I guess the first sign that I'm getting old is that I forgot my half birthday. I NEVER forget my half birthday, who wouldn't want another reason to celebrate? The 1/2 Birthday also begins the countdown for the big event in 6 months.

This Sunday was officially 29 1/2 for me. I completely forgot about it. I had my alarm set to wake up and go to Step class that morning and that was all I had thought about for the day. Hubs had mentioned the night before that he had made reservations for brunch, but I didn't even think anything of that besides my shock that he had learned how to make reservations on Open Table.

So after he fed and walked the dogs and came back upstairs, I was waking up. He burst out with "Happy Half Birthday!!!!" I was impressed he had even remembered since I had completely forgotten about it. He told me to check under the bed for my present.

I dug out a long box wrapped in Christmas Paper (points for any wrapping at all!!) I opened my half card (for my half birthday) and then the paper. He had found something on my Pinterest page that I had pinned as wanting and was so sneaky about buying it! I was floored that he had snuck this one by me.
I can't wait for a rainy day to put on my rain boots and use my new umbrella!

So I went to step class (where we did my favorite song) and came home high on endorphins. He broke the news to me that brunch wasn't just the two of us, he had put together a little event! So I showered and we hit the road to meet up with friends.

I felt so special that he had put all of this effort into the day (that pretty much I'm the only person who recognizes) and got several of our friends out to celebrate.

I was just floored at every turn of the day with what he had pulled off. I was so surprised by the whole thing, I had no idea about any of it!

The only downside is now I know he can pull off the surprise, I better start pinning more gift ideas for him to buy me!!!!

Love you Hubs! Thank you for a fabulous day. There is no one else I'd rather spend all of my birthdays with. xoxo.

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