Monday, November 12, 2012

#Photoaday November

Oh hi there little blog.

If this blog was a Bud Light, it'd be 7 days from being out of date. No posts in almost 3 months. Not good.

Maybe a Photo A Day for November will help spice things up a bit.

I got a fancy new camera for my birthday, so I wanted to do something to get me more comfortable with it and get to using it more than for just vacations.

So lets get started. I found the Photo A Day from @fatmumslim

Day 1: something beginning with "C"
I went with cauliflower. I hate cauliflower, but we were working on cleaning out the freezer, so cauliflower it was for dinner on the 1st of the month. I roasted with some olive oil and threw some mozzarella cheese on at the end. Guess what, turns out I LOVE cauliflower cooked like that. I've been thinking about it since that day, but haven't gotten around to making it again. Maybe this week...

Day 2: Colour
It was a Friday and I wanted to wear my new scarf I had bought in France. So green was the color of the day.

Day 3: Breakfast
I was gonna be healthy on a Saturday morning, but I was hungover, so Chick-Fil-A Chicken Mini's it was for breakfast. #cantwinemall

Day 4: TV
I love my TV in the kitchen. We have nice little nook set up to watch shows, but the whole thing comes out from the wall when I'm cooking or baking. On this particular Sunday, I was baking snickerdoodle cupcakes, so I used the pivot feature to watch P.S. I Love You (for at least the 30th time) while I baked. Look at what Renee from ( made.
We tweeted our pictures to @marthastewart, she didn't reply. How rude.

Day 5: 5 o'clock
Leaving work. Our move about doubled my commute. Luckily I'm ok with the extra 20 minutes in the car.

Day 6: a favorite thing
I'm obsessed with this dog. She is definitely a favorite thing.

Day 7: reflection
I actually got days 7 and 6 mixed up and took the pictures backwards. This was my election night outfit. As somewhat of a poli sci geek, I love elections and the responsibility of choosing our leaders.

Day 8: something you do everyday
My green monster smoothie. I have this for breakfast most days. I got my particular version from SkinnyTaste. Love it and feel so nutritious having spinach for breakfast.

Day 9: Small

 An assortment of the samples I've gotten in my last three Birchboxes. I'm not much a beauty expert, but this has really gotten me excited about make-up, hair, skin care, and nails. Who would have ever known? It's $10 a month and I've found some products I really like. I was in the market for a new weekly face scrub, my October box had a great one. Had no idea what the fuss about BB Creams was, now I'm hooked. You can order the full size product once you run out of your sample. Interested in trying it out? Use my referral link.

Day 10: can't (won't) live without.
No matter what diet plan I try, Diet Coke will never get the boot. I don't drink coffee or tea, this is my caffeine. I know all about the artificial sweeteners and how bad they are, but I choose to ignore that information. I start my work day with one every day. It's just become a ritual that I won't give up. I went for a week last year without any soda. While it wasn't the worst thing I've ever done, I wouldn't ever want to give it up for good.

We'll just start with days 1-10 at this point. I'll be back soon with the next bunch of photos!

How's your month going so far?

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  1. Great post, and Martha still hasn't said replied to our tweet. I think we need to make up for this by doing some Christmas cupcakes? Say the date...and I still have your holder ahhhh!