Wednesday, September 3, 2014

It's been a year, How'd I do?

30 While 30

Healthier Me (6/12):
 1. PR a 5k  38:03 Ringing in Hope 5k, December 31
 2. PR a 10k 1:19:27 Step Sister's Ribbon Run, April 5
 3. PR a 10 Miler 2:14.50 Broad Street Run, May 4
 4. Run 1/2 Marathon Rock&Roll USA, March 15
 5. Complete a Triathlon Tri for Love, September 15
 6. Complete a mud run Lozilu Women's Mud Run, June 17
 7. Try every class on the schedule at my gym (21/62) I only went to 21 classes on the schedule, but I did 7 of the 15 different classes offered. The biggest ones missing were Zumba (which I'm not a huge fan of), and the 4 different Yoga classes (I'm not a huge fan of the instructors at my gym)
 8. Ride entire W&OD Trail from Purcellville to Shirlington - I REALLY wanted to do this one. Putting it on the back burner for another day.
 9. Try CrossFit - Kept my eye out for a Groupon to buy a month pass, never saw it, never got motivate otherwise to plop down the money for a trial class/month.
10. Lose 30lbs - NOPE. Down several lbs, but pretty much plateaued for a year. At least I didn't gain, right?
11. 30 consecutive days off from drinking - Nope, could be a reason I plateaued on the scale.
12. 30 days of Paleo - Nope, lost interest in the Paleo idea, just tried to eat better in general.

Financial Me (1/7):
13. Pay off one car - Cars have been such drama this year. Back to having two car payments....
14. No credit card debt - Nope
15. Follow all cash plan for one month - Nope
16. Make $300 outside of my day job - Maybe? I've made some cash from DietBets, EBates, and GymPact. Didn't track totals.
17. Have 3 month emergency fund - Nope
18. Build a wardrobe of 30 essential pieces - Nope
19. Donate 30 items of clothing - YES!!!! Three huge shopping bags got donated but you can't even tell anything is missing from my closet...

Experiences (3/6):
20. Travel to a new country London, September 2013
21. Take a spur of the moment out of town trip  Nags Head in March, planned it less than 10 days out.
22. Attend an outdoor concert Darius Rucker at Wolf Trap, it was an awesome show and YES, he played 3 or 4 Hootie songs.
23. Volunteer for 30 hours (10/30) Hubs and I got involved with a couple of Dachshund rescue groups and provided transportation for 2 separate pups to make it to their forever homes. I totally fell in love with each of the pups and wanted to keep them both.
24. Have professional pics taken - Nope
25. Read 30 books (17/30) Not quite 30, but I did read some good books in the past year.

Around the house (3/5):
26. Try 30 new recipes - I honestly forgot to track this one. I tried a lot of new stuff, but don't know if it was 30.
27. Get all recipes and magazine tear sheets pinned - Didn't finish, but I got STACKS of pages pinned and am pretty happy with the progress.
28. Paint powder room - LOVE LOVE LOVE IT -> PICS
29. Hang pictures in living room and fill empty frames around the house YUP, see deets here.
30. Minimum of 30 blog posts I think this is #30 in the last 365 days!!! Woot woot!


So I didn't get to everything, but I'm super stoked with what I did get to cross off. I PRed every. single. race. I ran this year. I am getting a bit quicker with each passing year, which is only to say I'm now more of a turtle than a snail, but it's progress.

I got a lot done around the house that wasn't even on the list and LOVE the progress that's been made over the past year. A couple of more rooms are still the original colors from when we moved in, but I'm getting to everything slowly but surely.

All in all, 30 was a pretty kick ass year. With another year under my belt and the wisdom that comes with age, I'm ready to tackle anything 31 throws at me.

Stay tuned for what I'm hoping to accomplish next year.....

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