Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Traveling During Hurricane Season

Greetings from Barbados!!!!

We are currently riding out Tropical Storm Chantal. It always stinks to have a whole day of vacation washed out, but at least we have movies, Kindles and iPads to get us through.

We started out the trip with a relatively easy travel day, it's been a lot worse in years past, so a slight wait on the runway couldn't dampen out spirits.


We spent yesterday at the beach frolicking in the waves and watching crazy kids jump off cliffs.

Last night we got a note on the door to be prepared to hunker down (my words, not theirs) since Tropical Storm Chantal would be visiting at about 4am and would bring with her pretty crappy weather for the next day. I guess that's what you get when you travel to the Caribbean during hurricane season. Barbados is a pretty lucky island, they only get hit by a Hurricane every 50 years or so, this is our first time in 10 years of coming here that an official named storm has hit during our trip.

Our view today: still pretty, but a little angrier

So now I guess we thank our lucky stars we had the foresight to load up our suitcase with tons of frozen drink packets. Nothing a strawberry daiquiri or piƱa colada can't fix.

Any good tips for surviving a washed out day of vacation???


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